With a vision to create a destination for men that offered quality clothing and unparalleled customer service, KIE Men's Shoppe opened the doors to their brick and mortar location on December 13, 2014, in College Station, Texas. Through their innovative marketing concepts and exclusive partnerships, KIE quickly established themselves as one of the premier mens retailers in Texas, offering their customers a curated selection of premium menswear and provisions for today's modern man. Since those days, the Shoppe has gained international attention with their award-winning clothing line, the KIE Kollection, landing both the store and brand inside the pages of numerous reputable magazines, and onto the backs of some of Hollywood's leading celebrities. As time passes and the trends in fashion begin to change, the Shoppe remains true to their humble beginnings and dedicated mission of helping others, all in thanks to the brands Owner and Founder, Chance Okonski.  

KIE Men's Shoppe College Station Texas Chance Okonski


Born and raised in Central Texas, Chance has been the driving force behind all things KIE since their inception in 2014, utilizing his passion for design and innovative eye for style to transform his dreams into an international lifestyle brand. Named after his late Grandfather, Kie Okonski, the Shoppe pays homage to the great men before him, leaving a legacy behind for all who encounter it. Through his continual hard work and many creative talents, Chance has made a name for himself in the world of men's fashion as a multifaceted Entrepreneur, Menswear Influencer, and Celebrity Stylist, giving him the knowledge needed to keep the KIE brand emerging and relevant as each season passes.

KIE Men's Shoppe Chance Okonski           


Today, the KIE brand continues to transform and evolve, moving all retail operations online in the Spring of 2018. Mirroring the vision of their award winning brick and mortar location, KIE's e-commerce store front is a magnified version of their infamous storefront, offering a vast selection of independent and designer brands from all over the world. With over 50 premium menswear brands and counting, this is merely the beginning for KIE and the impact they will continue to make on the world of men's fashion...


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